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Dr. Mark Rabatin is originally from the Uniontown, PA area, and he returned to the area in 1989, working as an associate dentist until 1993 when he took over the dental practice established by Dr. Linsey Howard. In 2007, Dr. Rabatin moved into his current location. He had his share of dental work growing up, including braces, and was always impressed with the dentists who treated him. He enjoys the health field, working with his hands, and helping others achieve healthier, beautiful smiles.

Over 30 Years of Dental Artistry

We are proud to have won the Area’s Top Dentist Award from Pittsburgh Magazine, as well as the People’s Choice Award from the Herald-Stanton Newspaper. Our team is committed to using the latest dental technologies to provide our patients with the most comprehensive, comfortable care possible. Whether you are here for a routine cleaning or for something more complex, such as a dental implant, our goal is for you to leave with a smile in which you feel more confident than when you walked in.

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team - General Dentist in Uniontown, PA | Dr. Mark Rabatin

Now that you’ve met us, we look forward to meeting you! Contact us today at 724-437-4991 for an appointment to begin your journey to a healthy, beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime!